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This is the name of the configuration file used by Litestep, Darkstep, and PureLS. It contains the various configuration and script elements comprising the interface design of those programs.

With Darkstep, the configuration is rather strict, with defined sections for each module and for non-darkstep config settings, but LS and pLS have a very open setup, where the themer has a large amount of freedom in how they plan to organize their step.rc.

Various ideas for improvement have gone around, including having a script.rc file, which is pretty much a standard now, and the use of Includes to allow a step.rc file to be broken up into several smaller ones. For example, you might have a chronos.rc file, which contains the load command, config settings and layout settings for the Chronos.dll module, replacing these settings in the step.rc with a one line reference.

Ideas for step.rc improvement can be sumbitted to www.mindjunction.com.

Update: December 11, 2000


Step.rc usage of conditionals

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