LSTS, or the LiteStep theme selector, is a handy program that lets you convieniently switch between different litestep themes. LiteStep, while known for its power and flexibility, is also known for being difficult to set up and tweak. Even a relatively simple task such as switching from one theme to another involves mucking around in the system.ini file. LSTS provides a handy gui tool for changing themes. All you have to do is make an XML file in the theme directory with some information about the theme, such as where to find the step.rc, and what directories to look for pixmaps and other important files. You can also specify an image to use as a thumbnail, as well as a wallpaper, and even a windowblinds scheme to go along with it. LSTS then does the dirty work of changing the system.ini and logging off and on, so you don't even need to know what happened.

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