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The Super-Organism (or Mega-Organism) is the next quantum step in biological organisation.

Humans and other animals are composed of complex organs. Organs are composed of special cells. Cells are composed of micro cell structures. Etc. down to molecules and atoms.

The Super-Organism is composed of humans and other structures and systems. It has a super-consciousness. It is a consciousness higher than anything humans would understand. Just as cells can not understand human consciousness. And as cells do not know they are part of a larger creature. Humans do not know they are part of the Super-Organism.

The Super-Organism is not concerned with the lower level processes of its body but only high level senses and responses. When we are cut, we do not consciously think about the process of stopping the bleeding and repairing the wound. That is left up the lower level systems.

It's nervous system is composed of humans and networks including the Internet.

to be continued...

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