Lyrics: John Perry Barlow
Music: Bob Weir

Reprinted with permissions copyright Ice Nine Publishing

Kingfish (studio 1976)
Kingfish: In Concert (King Biscuit Flower Hour) (3 Apr 1976)
Dick's Picks Vol 20 (25 Sep 1976)

First played by Bob Weir with Kingfish but then with the Grateful Dead and with his other solo bands. It was originally paired with Lazy Lightning but was then detached and played on its own.

Well dizzy ain't the word for the way that you making me feel now
Well I need some indication Lord that all of this is real now
You got to tell me girl
And I've heard it said there's something wrong with my head now
You got to help me girl
Could it be infatuation or am I just being misled
Little bolt of inspiration
The way you strike me now
It's sparking my imagination
You got to like me now
You're causing me such excitation
Don't you like it now
You got to hear my supplication
Got to hear me now
A little bolt of inspiration
The way you strike me now
It's sparking my imagination

out there in the moonlight --
among the pines --
meet me in outer space --
it counts to be on location,
cosmos --
the clouds are invisible --
the clouds are poisonous

we all -- find the way,
find the way -- pour a cup of time
-- above all else:placement
-- &keep forgetting,
keep forgetting

coming out of
phase out of phase
pour butterflies,crucify
yourself--Pour . juxtaposition
(the fog horn says--wooooooooot)

the knife is alr(stop
trying to control everything
and just let go)eady in
your han(let go)ds

it would be nice to sit down
and not have to think about edges

all the pirates, forever
don't damage the telepath
the closer we get the
farther we are the

oh yeah: pour.


Sup`pli*ca"tion (?), n. [F. supplication, L. supplicatio.]


The act of supplicating; humble and earnest prayer, as in worship.


A humble petition; an earnest request; an entreaty.

3. Rom. Antiq.

A religious solemnity observed in consequence of some military success, and also, in times of distress and danger, to avert the anger of the gods.

Syn. -- Entreaty; petition; solicitation; craving.


© Webster 1913.

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