back flat against hard floor 

eyes closed open wide, quickly lost
floating in ripples, bathing in empty
i need this, sometimes i need this

       you are, chest and eyes, comfort
       lips, sweet, thoughts.. 
you are everything i need

this, sometimes i do

                    dreaming water, i splashed 
                 tiny waves onto ceiling 
               only to watch them s l i d e
             drip from walls, into tired eyes

felt tension seeping through fingertips into
fading fabric time forgets to kill

i've this glitter lamp and, some nights i want nothing more then to watch my walls, ceiling as the leetle shiny pieces float about, swirl around trapped in the glass.. escaping as bits of reflected light and, i love it. reminds me of nights in my bedroom, dreamy closeness.. the blue is so penetrating tonight. i want you.

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