T-shirts, tee-shirts,

all about me shirts,

Send a message

on your chest

Save the Whales,


Adventure Time

(a t-shirt doesn't need to rhyme)

sarcastic slogans

MMA shoguns,

Green Peace,

World Peace,

Stop The Nukes,

Smokey the Bear


Only You Can

Prevent Wildfires!

All Gave Some,

Some Gave All,

The Other Twin

Towers of New York

I Love My Soldier

Pink Floyd, The Man in Black

If My Music Is Too Loud,

You're Too Old

Together Everyone

Achieves More

Old or new, ragged, frayed

T-shirts, tee-shirts,

All about we shirts

We Love The Earth,

We Love Math

Labels, brands, USA made,

or a parade of foreign trade

Cotton or poly blend

The World is Coming to an End!

We all have them

in our closets, in dresser drawers,

some of us, on our floors.

In common use, we wear t-shirts

Sleeping, slumming, singing, humming.

Give-away, conversation flirts

one size does not fit all

so petite to medium to XXX tall.

How many band name t-shirts do you own?

Just curious, this is not a poem.

Harley Davidson is not free

if you buy online, see

don't even need the club

or the motorcycle, dude.

And then there are t-shirts

that are just plain rude, lewd,


Quotes from a bulletin board

are found on tees,

Ones that Praise the Lord!

or Hug the Trees.

Stop this and Stop that

Give a damn

Buy a Jeep or Dodge Ram

Sports fan, Jackie Chan

Whatever, to The Man

A race you've won

A race you've lost

Deep sea diving at a cost

watch your fronts and

your backs, you might be wearing

Mars Attacks!

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