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When you get food, such as pizza, Chinese or Indian and pick it up at the restaurant (usually carrying it home in a grease-soaked paper bag).

Take out is an uber-cool coming of age short by Canadian director Jean-Francois Monette. It tells the story of Roary, a high-school student with a part-time job delivering chicken dinners who soon develops an insane fantasy over a customer he becomes aquatinted with (Pete) on a routine delivery.

I simply loved this film, even though it talks about issues I'm partly uncomfortable with. The way it was filmed and presented was simply awesome. There were several little twists that I though were excellent in the movie; The monologue Roary gives at the first of the movie (about his hate for chicken), the bond between him and his closest friend, the significance of Trivial Pursuit in the short, etc. It's just great, I can’t say that enough - Go try to find it (and watch it) if you can.

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