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In Magic: The Gathering when you initiate an action with a card that is in play you often have to tap it. This action of tapping the card is a game mechanism to ensure that you only use that ability once per turn.

To signify that a card is tapped it is rotated by 90 degrees, or 45 amongst more experienced players. Cards untap during the untap phase early in each players turn and can then be used again.

n.b. Tap in this context does not siginify a physical rapping - rather tap in the context of 'utilising a resource'.

Correction - I have been told off for telling people to tap to 45 degrees. In tournaments, apparently, you MUST tap to 90 degrees to make it clear what you are doing. We don't get many of those in the UK so I wasn't aware of this. So kids - do it right.

when playing for fun though - tap to 45 like I do - it's much faster. ;o)

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