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An activist practice designed to raise awareness of a particular issue or problem. Teach-ins originated in the many student activist movements of the 1960s. They involved students teaching one another about a political issue and mobilizing to do something about it.

The International Action Center provides an example of a teach-in about the blockade on Iraq:
"What will happen at these Teach-Ins? Each local Teach-In organizer will be provided with the following:
* a short video-documentary to be shown at the start of the meeting
* a packet of information that includes fact-sheets on the impact of the blockade on the children, health, the environment, and education, and on the illegality of the blockade
* a petition demanding the complete and immediate lifting of the blockade
* sample letters of protest
* list of organizations working to end the blockade
* suggestions for future activist work"
However, as with most activist techniques, the form can be adapted and revolutionized depending on what is appropriate to one's situation.

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