IMHO, the best sounding and most playable member of the saxophone family. Distinguished from the alto sax by its curved neck and larger bell. Ranges from high F#/Gb to low A#/Bb and is considered to be the "melody" saxophone. Tuned in the key of Bb.

The Tenor Saxophone, although more difficult to play than the alto, is still approachable by young students. It is considerably more difficult to control, and security in the low register is rare among pre-college students.

Still, it is the most popular saxophone in jazz, having been played by greats like Stan Getz, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Sonny Stitt, Al Cohn, Hank Mobley, Lester Young, Zoot Simms, Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster, and others. It has a distinctive tone that is darker and more cello-like than that of the alto.

The Low register is booming and difficult to control, while the high register is easier to attain than on the alto. Your setup can have a huge affect on your ability to play with a full range or not. I reccommend the Otto Link mouthpiece for jazz and the Selmer Larry Teal for legit playing. For reeds, I use Vandoren Java/Regular/V16 and Hemke in strengths 3 and 3.5 depending on the situation. The tenor is a beast, but once tamed, is a very beautiful thing.

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