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You just finished a hard day's work. You're slightly annoyed because you need to go to work early tomorrow because of some servers that need preventive maintanence. You walk out into the parking lot wondering what to do this evening.

Then you see it. Your new car has a large nasty dent in the hood. Flakes of silver paint surround the dent like fine glitter. Some nimrod with a heavy-duty pickup truck or similar must have hit it when backing up. And this person left no note.

It's not so much the thought of how much money it's going to cost to fix this, but rather it's the experience of seeing the car you've barely started to pay off maimed in this manner. It's a terrible feeling, deep in your stomach; something you've devoted a significant amount of work to pay for has been severely defaced due to someone else's carelessness. It's always worst when it happens during the first six months you own the car.

That terrible feeling fades in a few hours, and then the money issue comes up. Will your insurance provider raise your premiums if you make a claim? How much cool stuff could you have bought with the money this is going to cost to fix?

Sometimes I wonder if those who renounce material posessions really have a good thing going. They don't have to worry about their cars or computers...

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