The Deliverator is the one guy left in Neal Stephenson's future who you don't fuck with. He drives a big black car with an LED array on the front that generates wave patterns meant to imitate fire, projecting the image of death and burning into the drivers in front of him. This makes those particular drivers want to make the road as little of a hassle as possible for the Deliverator by getting the hell out of the way. Your car's tires have traction pads the size of your tongue, but the Deliverator's pads are the size of a fat lady's thighs. They grip the road like the end of the world.

The Deliverator's cargo sits behind him in a series of slots with electronic interfaces meant to read information from each box. Some people want to take the cargo from the Deliverator by force. Because of this, he carries a supersonic dart gun. One time some gangers decided they wanted a pizza for free and greeted the Deliverator with a baseball bat. They came at him, and his gun turned their weapon into a flaming mass of saw dust. That changed their minds. The gangers went for his delivery because they weren't scared by the gun; they didn't know what it would do. He started carrying swords after that. Swords need no demonstrations.

Each pizza box has a chip inside which contains its destination and the amount of time which has elapsed since it was ordered. The only thing that the Deliverator fears in this world is trudging up to some burbclave house, clad in black and with two swords strapped to his back, to find that the time has elapsed on his current delivery and that Uncle Enzo will have to fly out personally to apologize for the transgression. No one knows what happens to the Deliverator who makes a late delivery, but everyone could guess.

See: Snow Crash, Hiro Protagonist, YT

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