See, I built this lightsaber that actually works. Yes, just like the ones in Star Wars. It's basically a silver metal tube about a foot long, out of which shoots this super powerful energy beam that can cut through stuff like Sith Lords and the arms of people who bother you in cantinas.

But there's just one problem. I can't figure out how to make the beam stop at a reasonable length. Instead, if activated, the incredibly destructive glowing energy beam from my lightsaber will instantly extend to infinite length.

So, I can never turn it on, because no matter which direction I point it, it will hit something somewhere and dice it up, probably without my direct knowledge. This does not seem like something of which Yoda would approve.

Thus, I pretty much limit use of my lightsaber to wearing it on my belt. It looks nice and shiny there. I just use my Jedi mental force powers for self defense and evading parking tickets instead.

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