A parking ticket is what you get if your karma is bad, and your car is in a bad place. I got one today, even though I put money in the meter, because it was street sweeping day. This is the second time I've been hooked on this particular barb; both times because I parked at an open meter, in front of someone else, and failed to read the sign. One is charged US$40 for this mistake in Los Angeles.

Today's catch was particularly infuriating, because I was parked there for exactly six minutes, and the car behind mine was gone when I got back. I suspect that meter maids go around to street sweeping areas and park their own (or accomplice's) cars as decoys, then ticket the luckless bastards that fall for their duplicitous ruse. The worst part is knowing that you'll never catch them at it, and even if you did, you wouldn't even cover your research costs by suing the fuck out of the city for allowing, profiting by, and likely even encouraging this behaviour.

Node what you know, right? Well fuck me if I don't know parking tickets, goddamn it!

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