At worst a nearly nude woman shaking her breasts in your face. At best, a BEAUTIFUL nude woman rubbing her breasts in your face and grinding her body against you. It's a tease but still a pretty excellent deal. Tip her well she's working hard.

A substitute for love?
An enlightening experience?
Harmless fun?
No disease to worry. All that one can see. Put your troubles away for the time being.
Be spontaneous, be daring, be yourself without other's judgement.
Ask a few questions, find some answers.
And you will find this may not be for you.

For a separate fee, the stripper will lead you to a secluded area and perform what amounts to sex with you having your clothes on. Usually leads to blue balls. Just remember, do not touch.

If you're a girl getting a lapdance, your hands will probably be allowed much more freedom.

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