The last time I had cable every time I turned on the History Channel, there was Adolf, ranting and goose-stepping. It's really a shock, they must have like 19 hours a day of Hitler related content. So I started referring to the History Channel as the Hitler Channel and surprisingly most people got it the first time.

Note: I am not accusing the producers of the History Channel of Nazism.

And yes I can gather that the reason that there is so much damn Hitler related footage is that newsreels were the only way to show people moving images about current events in the thirties and Hitler was a big deal around that time and he later went on to be the most hated and feared man in the western world so yes it makes sense that he got a lot of press. But Dammit I know there is more to history than Hitler and some dried up Brit droning on about the wings of the effin Luftwaffe.

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