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Sixth street at 1 am there are 

several blocks of empty parking spaces


parellel to quiet sidewalks 

Street lamps above pools of light 


A siren in the distance rises, fades

for victims I don't know; 

a disaster that I'll never hear about


Above me,

a plane heads out of town 

small red and green lights flash goodbye 


My footsteps have an echo

have an echo 









Ten past midnight

The time of creativity strikes her

mind lights like a fire

which has never stopped burning


It's been months since

you called

20th, to be exact - I think


Light your matches

On the wings of angels fallen

as the sky blazes

Burn yourself against your pain


It's been years since

I loved you

7, to be exact - I know


Now that I am no

longer running out of time

The fires burning like forges

reigniting on memories

I will never forget

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