For example: Good God George, we appear to be sat at the top of a ferris wheel! And many other variations of this statement. Changing the name being one of the easiest ways to switch it up. The only other option in such a situation is, of course, to recount the famous speech from The Third Man at the top of the Vienna ferris wheel which reads, as follows:

Martins: Have you ever seen any of your victims?
Harry Lime: You know, I never feel comfortable on these sort of things. Victims? Don't be melodramatic. Look down there. Tell me. Would you really feel any pity if one of those dots stopped moving forever? If I offered you twenty thousand pounds for every dot that stopped, would you really, old man, tell me to keep my money, or would you calculate how many dots you could afford to spare? Free of income tax, old man. Free of income tax - the only way you can save money nowadays.

If you can find any other opportunity to recount this speech, then please, answers on a postcard to the usual address.

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