passive aggressive little girls
adopted adjusted designer kids
those who dwell in yesterday
living for the next day which never ever comes
wrapped up in delusions so pink and fluffy
spin a web of truth
stand under the microscope
blinded by purity
steal my naivety
let me pull your strings
complex as a kaleidoscope pattern
insomnia dreamers
fictional realist
dead only on the inside
clear as day

help me find my way home
i will be your stregnth
love you til i die
forgotten ignored absolutely blank
words can restore man's faith
tell me no lies
forked tongue
green eyes
blue eyes
brown eyes
black eyes
red blood
cold heart

truth be told
killing me softly
fucked with your knife
angel tart
raspberry delight
come together
or torn apart?

- Victoria Palmer
11.20.2000 07:31EST

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