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Dear IWhoSawTheFace,

Well, this is what I came up with, feel free to use none, parts, combinations. I'm curious, why would doyle ask you to write "another love gone wrong story"? If I think of any more, I'll let you know. Sounds like you have the basic story in mind already. You do realize this has the potential of a QUEST; I'm certain everyone here could write more than one...

1) money was no problem, but for want of a nail, the love was lost

2) one of us should have taken the other road

3) as long as we didn't speak of the future, religion, having children, or being honest, the sex was great

4) she marched to a different drummer; he ran marathons, hated music of any kind, especially drums

5) the root of all evil begins in your gorgeous lying blue eyes

6) unlike a simple equation, our love had its own infinite set of disastrous variables

7) when a small splinter turned into the Grand Canyon, The Great Wall of China, and we fell

8) the time has come for one of us to choose life

9) to the pain, my love, to the pain

10) just another love gone wrong story


brought to you courtesy of cleaning out my drafts

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