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in Mexico, a place that makes and sells tortillas.

Nowadays, most tortillerias don't make their own nixtamal: they purchase industrial masa from companies like Mazeca. If a tortilleria makes its own masa from corn, it usually advertises itself as a molino de nixtamal.

Tortillerias appear to be a really low-margin, labor-intensive business, so they always appear a bit run down and falling apart.
All the tortillerias I have seen employ the same type of tortilla-making machine, a green iron-age clanking beast that swallows masa from the top, forms the tortillas, bakes them and expels them on a metal link belt. Usually one person feeds the machine masa, and another one catches the tortillas as they come out, and forms them into stacks (to conserve the heat).

Supermarkets in Mexico usually have their own tame tortilleria inside, but buying there is not as much fun as buying from a real one, in the streets.

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