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A traditional pocket is a method of stringing a lacrosse stick or crosse head. Traditional is one of the oldest and still one of the most used three methods of stringing heads although soft and hard mesh are gaining popularity rapidly.

Traditional strung heads can be most easily modified by increasing or decreasing the number of diamonds formed in the pocket. As the number of diamonds increases the throwing ability increases while the hold power decreases and vice versa.

Traditional stringing is generally done to sticks before purchase but many advanced players string their own sticks with custom stringing patterns. However, if a player wishes to string to a traditional method they usually either know how to do this or can follow the instructions enclosed in any traditional stringing kit. To begin stringing from scratch you will need:

First string the sidewall strings, the thickest of the strings. Then string the four leathers straight down from top to bottom through the four holes in the top and bottom of the head. Now, string the nylons from a top sidewall hole down, zigzagging around the leathers. This is the trickiest part of traditional stringing. To knot them go around then up and over the nylon. This is easiest to refer to an image of a strung head to understand. Do not pull them too tight so that other nylons can interweave. If desired shooters or shooting strings can be added and do not need to be woven through the nylons. Even hockey laces can be used. This should create the oldest and most dependable lacrosse pocket.

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