One of the four galactic directions used in the role-playing game Traveller by Game Designer`s Workshop. It describes the direction against the Galactic Spin, i.e. the direction contrary to the galaxy's movement around it's own axis. On MegaTraveller starmaps, Trailing is usually mapped on the right hand side of the map. Other directions are Coreward, Rimward and Spinward.

Trailing of the Third Imperium lie the Empires of the militant vegetarian K'Kree, a race of intelligent grazers who had to stave off a second intelligent race early in their evolutionary development, and of the Hiver, the most alien of all known Major Races in Traveller, pacifist multilegged/armed manipulators without a vocal language.


a. & vb. n. from Trail.

Trailing arbutus. Bot. See under Arbutus. -- Trailing spring, a spring fixed in the axle box of the trailing wheels of a locomotive engine, and so placed as to assist in deadening any shock which may occur. Weale. -- Trailing wheel, a hind wheel of a locomotive when it is not a driving wheel; also, one of the hind wheels of a carriage.


© Webster 1913.

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