Train graffiti is, as the name implies, graffiti found on train cars. Few trains today have all graffitiless cars. Though this illustrates the amount of corruption in today's people, train graffiti is not all bad. Many great artists practice their work on a metal canvas we call a train car.

Artists use the train as a medium for many reasons. These include, but are absolutely not limited to:
  • Most cities and towns have a train station, so trains are easy to access. An artist can simply take a walk or ride to the local train station and spray away.
  • Train stations are not always well guarded, so artists do not have to worry as much about being caught. This can convince apprehensive artists to share their work.
  • Train graffiti can allow an artist's graffiti to reach the whole country, possibly bringing their work to thousands of impatient people waiting in line.
  • Train cars are usually plain, so an artist may feel he is doing the train a service by beautifying it.
  • Trains are not stationary objects, so the artist may not feel bad about defacing a community building.

Though train graffiti is vandalism, it can also be a good thing! If one lives in an area with frequent train crossings, he will surely be stopped by a train occasionally. Train graffiti allows one to pass the time by looking at the wonderful art, and forgetting about how late one is for work! Train graffiti is usually very well done, and sometimes very funny! So next time you see the bars come down and hear a train whistle blowing in warning, don't get mad and think how late you'll be for work; instead, smile and think about the wonderful art show you are about to see.

For examples of train graffiti, check

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