Here is the truth: Today waiting is like torture. I am waiting for 5:00 and I am waiting for Sunday and I am waiting for Memorial Day and I am waiting for Ohio. Also I am impatient and I cannot wait. I may not make much sense in anything I say except for when I say Now, I mean Now.

You know what impatience is: It's itchy in your own skin scratch your hair pound the keyboard reload reload reload. HURRY UP PLEASE ITS TIME. Right this second Now Now Now.

What is this shit, what is this business of days taking time to pass? When did they come up with that concept of time? (What I mean is, at what point of my growing up did I miss the crucial Patience 101 course?)

Today waiting is like torture. Now. I said NOW.

Im*pa"tient (?), a. [OE. impacient, F. impatient, fr. L. impatiens; pref. im- not + patiens patient. See Patient.]


Not patient; not bearing with composure; intolerant; uneasy; fretful; restless, because of pain, delay, or opposition; eager for change, or for something expected; hasty; passionate; -- often followed by at, for, of, and under.

A violent, sudden, and impatient necessity. Jer. Taylor.

Fame, impatient of extremes, decays Not more by envy than excess of praise. Pope.

The impatient man will not give himself time to be informed of the matter that lies before him. Addison.

Dryden was poor and impatient of poverty. Macaulay.


Not to be borne; unendurable.




Prompted by, or exhibiting, impatience; as, impatient speeches or replies.


Syn. -- Restless; uneasy; changeable; hot; eager; fretful; intolerant; passionate.


© Webster 1913.

Im*pa"tient, n.

One who is impatient.



© Webster 1913.

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