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A brilliantly tasteless novelty record from 1956 by Nervous Norvus (Jimmy Drake). Every verse describes the singer driving in a reckless fashion, only to become involved in some kind of accident (accompanied by assorted horrific sound effects) and require, as the chorus states, a transfusion. He is then back on the road and cheerfully heading for his next pile-up.

What makes the song great are the hectic pace, the gleeful grisliness, the great Mad-style sound effects (the song would have made a perfect Mad flexidisc) and the hipster language employed - as in the final line, addressed to the nurse, of each chorus: Slip the blood to me, Bud / Pass the crimson to me, Jimson / Pass the claret to me, Barrett / Put a gallon in me, Alan, and so on.

The song is a regular favourite of Dr. Demento and is available on his 20th anniverary compilation CD.

Trans*fu"sion (?), n. [L. transfusio: cf. F. transfusion.]


The act of transfusing, or pouring, as liquor, out of one vessel into another.


2. Med.

The act or operation of transferring the blood of one man or animal into the vascular system of another; also, the introduction of any fluid into the blood vessels, or into a cavity of the body from which it can readily be adsorbed into the vessels; intrafusion; as, the peritoneal transfusion of milk.


© Webster 1913.

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