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One of the saddest events during the run of the Beast Wars animated series. At the end of the first season one of the moons around the planet is revealed to be a weapon of mass destruction, it is turned on the Earth in an attempt to cleanse it of the perversion caused by the arrival of the Transformers. The moon was blown to smithereens, but this causes the stasis pods in orbit to begin to fall. One pod crashes hard in a energon dense area and is damaged, exposing the protoform to massive amounts of radiation. A short battle is fought between the maximals and predicons over who can reach the pod first and claim their new comrade. Rampage arrives first with Silverbolt close behind. The protoform emerges and takes the shape of a horrible grotesque, closely resembling human.

Rampage almost falls in love because of the power of it's Spark which almost rivals his own. Meanwhile Silverbolt takes pity on the poor creature. Megatron shuns Transmutate for its' inability to transform, but is intrigued by it’s destructive force. Optimus Primal believes that Transmutate should be shut do for his on good, commenting on his impressive weapons, but the intelligence of a repair droid.

Rampage and Silverbolt fight each other over who can protect Transmute better, firing missiles at each other. Transmutate shouts out “No Hurt!” and pulls the missiles towards him with some sort of magnetic field and self-destructs to destroy them.

The other maximals arrive to see the two beaten and bruised, with Rampage in the foreground holding up Transmutate’s head in his hands, just staring at it. Optimus asked Silverbolt if he needed any help, and Silverbolt replied, ”Leave him be. Today we are brothers.”

As a Beast Wars episode, Transmutate is noteworthy for featuring, in a cameo as the title character, the voice of Susan Blu. Ms. Blu did many voices for G.I. Joe, Transformers (as Arcee), Inhumanoids, and other Hasbroverse shows, and was the voice director for the Beast Wars series.

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