Arcee is a "female" Autobot who first appeared in Transformers The Movie. She looks, acts, and sounds female, although robots are technically genderless. Since she resembles females from earth, the Decepticons have no respect for her whatsoever; they believe that she is beneath them, and not a vialbe threat. Arcee, who is a skilled warrior in her own right, exploits this misconception of theirs to her advantage.

Arcee transformes into a pink-and white futuristic car. She is very protective of Daniel Wiitwicky, the son of Spike Witwicky. She is also attracted to the Autobot Hot Rod, and he is attracted to her; though neither of them would admit it.

In the last few Transformers episodes, Arcee became one of the Headmasters. Daniel, who would drive Arcee when she was in car mode, would wear a spacesuit that would transform into her head when she transformed into robot mode.

A really cool character from the Transformers, but Hasbro never made a toy of Arcee, which doesn't make sense because she was in the cartoon, which was actually a big commercial for the toys if you think about it.

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