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Transformers season 2, episode 10

Plot: The Decepticons, working out of a desert base, steal an experimental female ninja robot named Nightbird. They plan to use her to steal the Autobots' computer chip containing information on the world's energy sources.

Nightbird succeeds in stealing the chip from Autobot headquarters, but is confronted and trapped by the Autobots. The Decepticons come to her aid, but she is ambushed by the jealous Starscream. The Decepticons chase after the fleeing Starscream, leaving Nightbird and the chip with the Autobots.

Personally, I thought it was strange, even as a kid, to see that a robot made by humans was able to cause so much trouble for the Autobots. If so, why couldn't the humans and Autobots make lots of them and pit them against the Decepticons?

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