TSP is also an acronym for the Toledo Service Project (also known as FOCUS Toledo), an organization that helps to clean up Toledo, Ohio. It gives youth and adults an opportunity to participate in urban ministry all year long by doing restoration projects and workshops. My church group helped them out during the summer.

Part of what we had to do involved using the other TSP, trisodium phosphate. The two were often confused. Trisodium phosphate, as Stavr0 states above, is a very powerful detergent. We used it to clean walls in an older house, and it took the junk right off. It comes in a bluish-colored milk carton type thing, and has a "Caution: Corrosive" warning on it.

Also of note: trisodium phosphate is an ingredient in Cheerios, among other General Mills cereals. Apparently, according to one source, it makes the Cheerios float. Yummy.

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