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The Two Pound Coin is a denomination of coinage used in England. It was first introduced in 1485 by Henry VII but it didn't get into mainstream circulation until 1997.

The design of the current two pound coin is bi-metallic, the center is cupro-nickel and the outer ring is nickel-brass. The image on the front consists of 4 concentric circles, symbolising 4 ages: Iron Age, Industrial Revolution, Electronic Age and Internet. This is supposed to represent the development of technology. The circle for Industrial is made up from a ring of interlocking gears. However, there are 13 of these gears and 13 interlocking gears cannot turn!

There is a rumour that these coins are more valuable if the image of the Queen Elizabeth's head shows her wearing a necklace. There are no known defects with these coins and they are only worth their face value.

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