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U"ri*na*ry (?), a. [L. urina urine: cf. F. urinaire.]


Of or pertaining to the urine; as, the urinary bladder; urinary excretions.


Resembling, or being of the nature of, urine.

Urinary calculus Med., a concretion composed of some one or more crystalline constituents of the urine, liable to be found in any portion of the urinary passages or in the pelvis of the kidney. -- Urinary pigments, Physiol. Chem., certain colored substances, urochrome, or urobilin, uroerythrin, etc., present in the urine together with indican, a colorless substance which by oxidation is convertible into colored bodies. <-- urinary tract -->


© Webster 1913.

U"ri*na*ry, n.

A urinarium; also, a urinal.


© Webster 1913.

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