A style, not unlike a certain architecture or fashion, a passage, but opening up to mysterious, yawning spaces, a particular moist shapelessness.

This style is a controlled multiplicity, a self-gratifying contrivance which speaks in many tongues, as it were.

If we consider that phallic architecture would come in the form of rocketships & daunting towers, then vaginal architecture would come in the form of beautiful chambers or cave-like places.

The surrealists had a fascination with the way floral imagery could provide a metaphor for female genitalia. Peter Blume, for instance in his painting "Vegetable Dinner" (1927) did not present an entire nude torso but the suggestive "vaginal" interior of the tiger lily alludes to the female sexual organ.

Vag"i*nal (?), a. [Cf. F. vaginal.]


Of or pertaining to a vagina; resembling a vagina, or sheath; thecal; as, a vaginal synovial membrane; the vaginal process of the temporal bone.

2. Anat.

Of or pertaining to the vagina of the genital canal; as, the vaginal artery.


© Webster 1913.

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