Can't see because you're so tired? Tired of the plain, icky taste of boring old warm milk? Fear not, there's a way to spice it up!

Milk. Cow's milk is what I use, but any other milk may do.
Cinnamon or spices of your choice. Cinnamon can stabilize your blood sugar, and it's tasty too!
Sweetener. I use sugar, but Splenda works in this recipe too. I don't know about aspartame because you are going to make a hot drink.
Vanilla if desired.

1) microwave the milk on high for about one minute. Microwave power may vary, so I'd say until the milk is hot enough to be soothing, but not so hot it scalds your mouth and throat.
2) Shake the cinnamon in. I had to use about eleven shakes in mine, but I like the taste of cinnamon, and I made a fairly big mug. You want the spices to be tasted, but not overpowering.
3) spoon in sugar, maybe two tsp. Use your tastebuds.
4) Drip or drizzle in the vanilla if desired.
5) Nuke it a little longer to warm it up again.

Now, sit back, curl over your hot mug, preferably in bed, tucked snugly under the blankets, sip, fan it over your tongue, and enjoy.
Sweet dreams....

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