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VCDImager is a small GNU program by Herbert Valerio Riedel (aka HVR), that can make VCD and SVCD images from standard MPEG data streams.
These images are written in the BIN/CUE image file format, which can be burned on CDs using cdrdao or most other modern CD burning program. These CDs can then be played in standalone VCD players (use mostly in Asia), VCD/SVCD-compliant DVD players, or using MPEG/MPEG2 software players on your computer.

VCDImager is splitted into a backend libary and a frontend, with the library fully portable. It's easy to compile it on your favourite platform, and use the CLI or the GTK+ frontend.

Some people might claim that this tool can only be used to pirate movies, but actually it's also very useful to the home-video producer.

VCDImager is a very flexible tool for creating VideoCD disk images, and currently the best tool in the Open Source world for this job. It is distributed under GPL.

VCDImager's current in-development version, 0.7, uses XML disk description files and is able to generate very complex behavior. Not only you can create easy "some tracks that play"-style VCDs, but you can also create menus (yes, even DVD-style complex menus)! You can even "program" the menu behavior (if the words "finite state automaton" mean anything to you, otherwise the approach may be somewhat hard to grasp).

A great work of reverse engineering and specs-reading, I'd say...

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