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A vert ollie is the basic vert skateboarding trick. It is similar, but much harder than an ollie. You must know how to drop in and ollie before trying this trick.

Vert ollies are used to get more air off a halfpipe or quarterpipe to pull bigger tricks. 180s can be pulled off qithout a vert ollie, though 360s and anything more complex (such as 540s, backflips and combos) require a vert ollie. With an ollie you normally have your foot halfway along the board, a vert ollie does not require this. As you reach the vert and are near the coping ollie with your foot near the nose of the board in its regular position. All you want to do is push down on the tail and lift your front foot while jumping a bit (no sliding!). Make sure you lean back or you will fly right out of the pipe. This takes some getting used to you are ollieing a vertical surface and you must learn to lean back.

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