Scratching up a video clip, in the same way that a DJ scratches up a disc. You get the same sort of "kiwik-kiwik" sound, but there is video associated with the sound. Then that video might be combined with other footage, in an EBN-esque visual mix, and maybe music.

Coldcut and Ninja Tune released software capable of doing some basic video scratching, called VJamm. On the Ninja Tune web site (, there is video of a live performance of Beats & Pieces by Coldcut, where they used VJamm live. You can also download a VJamm demo from there, which includes clips for mixing and scratching.

Matt Black of Coldcut seems very interested in video scratching, and in digital scratching in general. It sounds like they are working on more projects like this, maybe adding more fine-tuned control over the scratching. In VJamm, the user is restricted to scratching by moving backwards and forwards. Matt wants users to be able to scratch like a disc, like rubbing your index finger back and forth across the mouse pad of a notebook computer, imagining that it is vinyl.

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