The door closed behind Candice. She tossed her long blonde hair back while smoothing down the front of her shirt. “You know Brad, as far as violin lessons go I can’t teach you anything you don’t already know.” Brad Summerville gave his new violin teacher a hesitant look. What was she trying to say? He watched her unbuttoning her shirt. Candice gave him another small smile as she looked at the instrument he was still holding. “Why don’t you put that thing down and come over here?”

Half of Brad's mind was on what would happen if his mother ever found out about this. The other half of his brain wasn't working at all. He watched the parted halves of her shirt flutter open. There was nothing beneath it. “You know what I did this morning when I woke up?”

Candice laughed as he shook his head. “I thought about what it would be like to have someone like you touching me instead of having to touch myself all the time. Is that something you’re interested in seeing?” Without waiting for an answer she stepped closer and reached for him. “I just love your hands. They’re so beautiful. Let’s see what else we can find out about my little mystery student who comes in here and is so quiet all the time.” Her hands went up his shirt. “Hmm, no chest hair. I like that.”

She ran her fingers up and over his shoulders as she leaned in to kiss him. Standing there Brad felt his blood race. Should he touch her? Should he kiss her back? He looked down at her breasts. They were so pretty. He reached a long finger out. “Like this Brad.”

Taking his hands in hers Candice put them over herself. “Guess what else Brad?” He had no idea. Candice unzipped her skirt. There was nothing under that either. His mouth went dry, he was really hurting now. Thankfully she reached for the button on his shorts. Candice smiled at her star pupil again. She loved those long bright white shorts against all that sexy tan. “I love you Brad. You and your sexy hands and those fabulous eyes of yours.” She had to stand on her tiptoes to ruffle the front of his strawberry blonde hair. “I even think your hair is cute.”

Leaning forward Brad gave her a tentative kiss. “Not like that. That’s how you kiss girls in high school. Like this.” Leaning into him she rubbed her breasts into his bare chest and kissed him the way she wanted to be kissed. She put his his hands on either side of her hips. The skin beneath his hands was warm. Brad was breathing heavily but trying not to let her see. It was funny how different she looked without her clothes on. Normally she looked like his idea of a kindergarten teacher but seeing Candice with her hair flung back and not a stich on made Brad realize that he had seriously underestimated the body beneath the boring clothes.

Candice reached into his shorts and the look on his face as she stroked him was absolutely priceless. She found herself wishing she had a camera to take pictures with and the first person she'd show her photos to was his mother. Her hand tightened around him. Brad stopped kissing her so Candice stopped stroking him. They looked into each other's eyes. Candice was the one who looked away first. She was nude and he was halfway there. The sun beat down through the dirty windows. Candice couldn't bring herself to look him directly in the eye. What had seemed like such a good idea earlier in the day seemed base and tawdry now. What was she going to prove by seducing a sixteen year old boy?

Standing in front of Candice, Brad picked up several strands of her long blonde hair. He rubbed the soft silky strands between his fingers. Her shirt was lying on the floor. Tears shimmered in front of her eyes when Candice realized he was reaching for her blouse. One of the things that Rita Summerville had taught her children was you get what you pay for. The cheap fabric of Candice's thin cotton blouse gave Brad insight into Candice's life and the way she must live. The buttons were small and pearly. Brad didn't know what to do with the shirt that was now in his hands.

Candice felt her shirt settle around her shoulders. She felt Brad's arms go around her but the only other thing he touched was her hair. It wasn't very thick but it was long and blonde. It smelled very faintly of something he thought he recognized. The tears Candice had sworn she wouldn't cry were falling. This is what she wanted. To have someone hold her when she was upset. She thought about her boyfriend Rod and the way he treated her. He turned the alarm clock off and woke up surly. He stomped around the kitchen and sat in front of the TV. He complained about the food and the way she cooked but they didn't have money to go out to eat or buy anything better.

Right now it was stifling in the room but Brad wasn't complaining. Candice had never met someone who didn't complain about something but in the eight weeks she had known Brad Summerville she had never heard him complain about anything. Because he was nice and because he wasn't demanding anything Candice found herself rethinking things. Her cheeks flushed when she thought about the shameful way she had offered herself to him. She had wanted to get back at him because he had been sailing in the British Virgin Islands while she had been waiting tables and giving lessons to people who weren't half as talented as the boy standing in front of her.

Her hands went behind him. She put her head on his chest and she was leaning against Brad but thinking about Rod. She thought about how cruel and stupid he was. He would never stand here holding anyone. She thought about the way he pawed at her breasts and how Rod threw her onto the bed when he was aroused. Rod's touch was very different from the way that Brad was touching her. He was still playing with her hair. A shiver ran through her. She moved closer to Brad. If this was the way that boys in high school kissed Candice wanted to go back there.

Brad's kiss was hesitant but it was also very warm. It was soft and he was touching her hair like it was something sacred to him. A rare feeling went through Candice. She felt dainty and feminine. She felt wanted and when Brad touched the side of her breast she knew he was asking permission to go further. What had started out as Candice wanting some form of revenge had turned into her wanting to explore the person who treated her body like a work of art instead of another sexual conquest.

His body was tanned from weeks of sailing and months of carrying clubs around the golf course. Hers was pale from being shut up inside school and the ice cream parlor she woked at. Candice gave him a small fragile smile and her smile grew when Brad smiled back at her. Brad was smiling but inside his head his brain was screaming. He had no idea whether she was on any form of birth control and one of the things he did know about her was that her father was a hell of a golfer, and one day after she was done teaching a guy had picked her up.

Brad had seen her get in the car and kiss the other guy. If he would have been alone he could have handled things but he wasn't alone. Candice was there. Brad's mind and body were focused on the woman in front of him but he was cautious by nature. If they stopped now he might never know what sex was like. Maybe she wasn't even planning on having sex with him. Maybe all she wanted was to tease him. His frustration grew with the tension in the room.

Candice took her shirt off of her shoulders and handed it to him. His mind made up Brad draped it back around her, the three quarter length sleeves hid her breasts. Candice left her shirt where it was and reached back into his shorts. They fell to the ground. Candice watched a flush of color go over his perfect face. All his earlier confidence was gone now. Her next move had to be a good one.

She didn't want to scare him off or intimidate him. She wanted to give him some of the comfort he had offered her. Rod would have asked her to play with herself. He would have wanted a blow job or to hear about how Candice had lost her virginity. She shivered again thinking about the time Rod had pinched her nipples. "This is just like violin lessons Brad. Just follow my lead and don't worry. You're doing fine."

He was drowning in her and her body. Sensation washed over him and he was so hot he thought he might pass out.

"Have you ever gone down on a girl Brad?"

Like he was going to answer that question. The truth was he had never even kissed a girl before but his brother had. His brother had probably done everything. If Brent was here Candice would be done screaming by now.

"I love you Brad."

Candice wrapped her arms around him. He held her for a moment. The more they kissed the longer their kisses were. Her feelings intensified. He felt better about himself and the situation. He still had all the money he had earned from caddying sitting in his pocket. He'd leave that for Candice and he'd tell his mother that he didn't think Candice was eating right.

Rita would cook enough food for an army if she thought someone was nutritionally deprived. The thought made him smile. Candice saw the smile but she wasn't sure what had prompted it. His shirt was on the floor. She spread it out and laid down on it. Her hand reached for him. He laid down next to her and his mouth on her breast was nothing like Rod's boorish efforts.

"God Brad, I knew you'd be good at this. Some men treat you like a toy but you," her smile lit her face up. "You're a lover Brad." Candice let her fingers trail down between her legs. “I play with myself all the time. I think about you when I’m doing it.” Her finger was wet when she stuck it in his mouth. “What do you think?”

Brad leaned over and brushed her hair out of the way. He rubbed the silky blonde strands together again. He kissed her breast and when she didn’t complain he moved lower. He gave her an tentative little lick but his head jerked back when she moaned. “Do it Brad. I want you to. You won’t hurt me.”

But he was worried he might. So he was gentle. Until he got into it. Oh my God, he was going to come any second now. This was it. He couldn’t wait any longer. “Can I go inside now?”

Candice looked up at his amazing blue-green eyes and down at him. Her own blue eyes were serious as she nodded. She put her hands in his hair. He put his hands on her hips. Brad did his best to remain calm but as soon as he felt her slick wet flesh closing in around him he was done.


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