A wack hustle is a swindle or scam that involves excessive amounts of scheming and conniving for very little return.

Wack hustles often occur among junkies and obsessives and usually end in failure or the wack hustled giving up the object of the hustle out of pity.

Wack hustles also happen at places where there is confinement and/or boredom. Such as college or work. Stalking someone for 45 minutes because you want to catch them walking away from their unlocked workstation so you can send rude emails in their name or reset their browsers homepage to boner.com is a wack hustle.

When the dirty guy outside of Penn station gives you a ten minute sob story about how he lost his wallet and he needs just a few bucks to get back to his fancy house in the suburbs and if you just give him your address he will send you the money right away, that is a wack hustle.

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