(and I mean world as in society)

Next time you want to comment on how the world doesn't care about this, or the world doesn't want people to do that, remember one thing...

The world is not one big entity. It is made of a bunch of small entities. Each of us individually is one of those entities. We are a part of that world.

You cannot change the world. But you can make a difference in your little part that you can influence. Don't let the fact that the world doesn't care to keep you from caring.

Remember that life is chaotic. You never know when your little bit of positive or negative action will grow and make a much bigger difference.

If you hate the fact that people don't know their neighbors anymore... are you making an effort to get to know them yourself? If you think other drivers are rude... are you ever that way yourself? We all contribute to the sum total of the attitude of society. You're surely not expecting everyone else to do all the work?

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