We will pave over every strip of land with concrete and build parking lots, supermarkets, and freeways. We will have created real-estate, and it will glitter in the sun. We will drive the creatures that share our space into oblivion, unless they are delicious of course, and then we will lock them up and create factories of them to suit our needs and their lives become devoid of all beauty. We will replace the stars with machines of our own creation, and the ever-changing constellations will be impossible to name. It will be impossible to imagine omens about life down here on the ground based on anything in the sky. It will be impossible to imagine gods who play cavalierly with our lives.

We will drain the earth of carbon pools. The tools of this process are very hungry indeed. We will crush millions beneath the weight of new infrastructure as we grind on starving souls to support a lifestyle where we want for nothing. Well, nothing that can be bought or sold, we have had less luck with intangibles.

Everything sharp or dangerous will be covered in candy-colored plastic. We will modulate any impulse or emotion that wavers from baseline until every chemical behind every feeling will be patented and carry a trademarked brand name. Brilliant marketing will encourage you to soothe those ragged neurons when they cry out for something more. We will need this because we will all feel empty when the stars are gone.

It is unlikely that we will emerge from the chrysalis as something greater than ourselves, this process will not have any meaningful outcome. We are merely taking what is most assuredly one of the universe's least probable routes in support of the second law of thermodynamics.

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