Like oil on the water, you kept burning yourself

at your imaginary stake for someone who

was sad she'd ever brought you

into the world

Swimming desperately towards the surface

shackled only by a thousand scars

which you kept denying though

I told you they


made you


Look to the heavens, I said, look

there soars the dragon

Come with me up

there, down here

inverted hell is just heaven


Like oil on the water, you kept sliding off my

grasp as I tried to become one with you

desperately fighting to bring

your heart into mine

Drowning over and over in your own shadow

while you clawed at my skin and bones

until I was bleeding all

over this dark ocean


now your


Betrays everything we ever had, look

there soars the dragon

You're still afraid

upside, downside

inverted heaven is just hell

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