I remember it like it was yesterday
she was running down the hill after you and almost stumbling
in the dusk, she was uncoordinated and clumsy but
all you could do was laugh and smirk happily
It was quite warm, that summer night
and there was none else around
as you made her smoke her first cigarette
trying to draw her closer into your shade
so, just, maybe
her light would outshine you
and bring you back into the day
The ground was so soft but against the tiles of the road
you could hear the clacking of boots like hooves
the sound drowned against the roar of the
inky ocean as she leaned into your chest
your hands her only guard against falling into the dark
deep unknown
unbeknownst to you
the one who was falling
Thinking she thought less of you for faltering
yet she never witnessed your descent
all she felt was the heat of your skin
warming her translucent, pearly death
The love engulfing you in her never ending stare
little did you ever know, traversing the tedious pain
of mortals feuding for your attention and time
you gave so very, very little to her
yet all she remembers is
standing between the berries and the stark sunshine
her fingers raw from picking all morning
with her soft, flowing mane of hair clouding her judgement
as you came like a ghost and pulled her all the way
into your solid embrace, that time, that moment
it never passed
I remember it like it was yesterday
the smoky hush of your voice laughing
and your smile lighting up your entire face
She was always there, soaking you up
skin and bones and blood
imprinting all of you for all of eternity
to remember you by when you are long gone
the curse of man, to turn into ash and dust
yet stay a memory in the heart
of a unicorn

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