Rest now, your heart. Fluttering harshly against the cage in your chest, I've never seen steel bars so black, like tar. If you cry at some point, will your tears be that full, dark, molten; full of the flavour of despair. I wonder, as I comb through your layers, crisp as they are against my lithe hands; I only touch you gently now. Don't fall apart. Peeling back the years as every shine of light hits your iris differently, my world is all colour; where is your colour, where is your life? I walk through your eyes, you don't even notice, and it's an unending labyrinth of a library. I know you catalogue everything here. I know you hold onto all this so you can hold onto yourself. In this equation, what is the glue; the thing, the spark. There is a wholeness to you which has always been, but I've gone looking for its dawn. To pull that thread, to decipher all your mysteries. Grasping at moving shadows is all I ever could. There is no beginning there and no end. The kindness to you is the kindness of you, ethereal and undefeatable. It is like asking fairies to be mortal; all this talk of nonsense and I'm still not hearing your words, as you wrap me and envelope me. The fairies are talking and all I know is this immense, full wholesomeness. The warmth of a dying sun remembering itself one last time. I remember your hands on my skin. I feel your voice whispering in my ear, yet I wake and I am all alone in my gloom. You think I never knew, how you looked at me when I wasn't aware. Yet I was aware, so aware my bones were moulting under your gaze. I go through your layers now and can never go deep enough; you unraveled me effortlessly and I let you do it. I came into within your embrace. Then, a husk so gossamer thin, now, shimmering vibrantly. All these sparkles at night.

In what dark you were all those years. Shadows moving between shadows, circle never broken. Quietly, softly, time steps into our links and ties all chains together; distance is a void concept. Yet, pain. Of your pain, the grief which kills the heart, sunders all promises. As I peel all your layers, as I go further, deeper; as I supple your memories. When, where is the layer of hurt, dried blood, untidy scars threatening to tear. There where the heart is caged and desperate; to take me apart, to maim me, to destroy me. Wherein that darkness I will have to go, not knowing any path. The walls are like tar and all sound is taken. There is no light here. All you bring is all you've got. I bring you my light; take it, do not go into that night alone.

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