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* "Debris from the UARS fell to Earth between 11:23 pm Eastern on Friday and 1:09 on Saturday morning, NASA tweeted several hours ago. Early on, NASA said the chances of those pieces hitting someone here on Earth were remote, but really, officials had no idea where UARS would hit, so all eyes have been on the sky. 'Everybody okay out there?' NASA tweeted soon after UARS re-entered the atmosphere. source: PCmag.com 9/24/2011

* Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

* There is not enough silence in the world.

* I can barely handle all the details of my own life, and can't seem to go anywhere without someone telling me more than my head can hold. Like yesterday, innocently trying to get cold cuts and cheese at the deli counter, I run into our lawyer, who is also mayor of the town, just put his father with Alzheimer's into a Veterans Residential Hospital, had to have his mother come live with him because two trees fell on her house, is trying to get his kids to finish college, is grocery shopping to escape from his life.

* I'm not that important, despite the message I get from Gmail saying, "this conversation is important mainly because of the people in it."

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