This third molar officially erupts into the oral cavity at 17 - 25 years old.

Pathology associated with the wisdom tooth:
  • Pericoronitis is the most common complaint,
  • Caries
  • Periodontal disease
  • Crowding of the lower anterior teeth (not proven)
  • Cyst formation.
  • Apparently wisdom teeth are on the way out (pardon the pun, NoCode). Evolution is making them go away, according to the family dentist. He told me this because my oldest daughter has absolutely no wisdom teeth, and she will never go through the horrible pain from the molars of doom. (I bet EDB has nothing but wisdom teeth!)

    Of course, since she is my oldest daughter, I am having a blast poking fun at her. "Looks like you'll be the family fool at reunions, dear. No wisdom teeth means no wisdom." In reality, I am rather envious.

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