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An artificer that works in words. Usually said of someone who is very good at writing.
Compare locksmith, goldsmith, silversmith and ladysmith.

Everything 2 is inhabited by wordsmiths, or at least it should be.

WordSmith is a full-featured word processor for the PalmOS, developed and marketed by Blue Nomad Software.

What's wrong with Memo Pad? Nothing, if all you want is to write short notes. Why would you want to write anything but short notes in the time-consuming, mind- and wrist-bending Graffiti code? You wouldn't - but more and more people who own gadgets like attachable thumb keyboards, the GoType keyboard, and the immensely cool James Bond-esque Palm Portable Keyboard (aka Targus Stowaway) are finding the Palm to be a more-than-adequate substitute for a laptop, especially with tools like WordSmith in the mix.

There are also the users who'd like access to important MS Word docs on the go, and WordSmith's syncing capabilities address their needs, although there are cheaper DOC readers out there if that's all you want to do. WordSmith is for people who want to do real work. It's all there, from multiple fonts, sizes and alignments to search and replace and word count. (Word count is pretty slow, but I find that sort of comforting - it reminds me that I'm doing all this incredible shit on a computer with such a tiny little brain.)

I tried Quickword first, having purchased an m100 and a Portable Keyboard largely for a special project. Quickword's syncing capabilities were not all there, so after a while, neither was my text - when I was about 10,000 words into my project. That made me pretty unhappy. WS, on the other hand, leaves two backups of your Word documents whenever it syncs, which has occasionally come in handy but is mostly just reassuring. Problems are rare.

One other tip: if your copy of WordSmith causes a Fatal Exception whenever you launch it, you can usually solve the problem by deleting the WrdS_Docs database. This may mean you have to redefine all of your sync'ed docs in the WordSmith conduit after your next sync, but you won't lose any data.

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