Wraparound is the name of the inversion that happens when the limits of a finite modulo system are broken. For example, if you have a 16-bit unsigned counter which increments, when it reaches 65535 it will be 'incremented' to 0 (with a carry). In the arcade game Asteroids, when you move your ship off the top of the screen it reappears on the bottom. Pac-man has wraparound through the special tunnels on the left and right of the screen. If you were to keep travelling East from a point on the Earth, eventually you would end up just to the West of where you started, that's a kind of wraparound too (similar to incrementing a longitude counter which can only take values of -180 degrees to 180 degrees, modulo 360 degrees).

Mold me like you’re Machiavelli,
like these jewels are mere means to the stately end of me.
Sift through the still air like a gas leak from a stove.

I want to wear you like Dior,
to keep your skin safe under my pillow.
Sleep is somehow perfect this way.

Wish me into being like I come from candles on a cake.
Place me on the couch and let me pose there. Ornamental.
Everything here is so tight and clean,
not even a secret could slip through.

I am locked like a leather suitcase in your closet.
I can’t stand it. Sundays drag on the ground like an old dog. Evenings drain me of warmth like a virus. I’m staring at the wrong cross.

Simone Weil drops me in a veil of sweet existence,
but there is still no philosophy to describe this.

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