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A yellow helmet of the kind that construction workers use, is the hallmark of an entire class of enemies in the Mega Man series of platform video games. Some walk on the ground, some jump around, some fly, and others drive a bulldozer, but everyone wears this characteristic yellow helmet. It is impenetrable to Mega Man's bullets, and make the enemies invincible as long as they don't take it off to look (which they often do with regular intervals).

The yellow helmet had become such an ingrained symbol of evil throughout the series, that it was used as an in-joke in the intro sequence of Mega Man VII:

Auto: Megaman, take this helmet with you. (hands Mega Man a yellow helmet)

Mega Man puts on the yellow helmet. The Mega Man theme (the one played after selecting a course) plays, then breaks off, in "mid-sentence" as it were.

Mega Man: ........... (hands it back to Auto)

Auto: I guess not...

Auto: Personally, I kinda like the other one... (hands Mega Man his real, blue helmet, which covers most of his head)

Mega Man puts on his helmet. The Mega Man theme now plays in full, while the helmet is glinting.

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