In the children's television series Fraggle Rock, the doozers are creatures that live inside Fraggle Rock alongside the fraggles. They are much smaller than the fraggles, and look like little green construction workers with yellow helmets on. They can talk, and speak the same language as the fraggles, but they have no social contact with them.

Their only purpose in life is to construct large, complicated frameworks out of a material that looks like transparent plastic sticks. This material, however, is considered a delicacy by the fraggles. They regularly snack on the doozer buildings, thus apparently making the doozers' efforth endless and Sysifosian.

For many years after the series ended in my childhood in the 80's, I had always wondered how the cuddly fraggles could go on eating the buildings of the defenceless doozers without any remorse or concern for their situation. I apparently missed an episode that was recently rerun here in Norway, because it gave a most remarkable explanation on why this was so.

In the episode, Mokey (one of the protagonists) is starting to worry if eating the doozer building just maybe could be a wrong thing. She soon makes the whole Fraggle Rock swear a solemn oath never to eat the doozer buildings again. The result is that their entire cave slowly starts filling up with the doozers' sweet-tasting framework constructions.

The size and omnipresence of the doozer buildings is now a nuisance to the fraggles in daily life, but Mokey is very content and proud of the doozers' newfound protection. But as she gazes at a doozer construction, now at an impressive size, she overhears a tiny doozer mother trying to comfort her child. The child is very sad, because the doozers have to move out of Fraggle Rock, and find some other place to live. Its mother explains that this is the only way, as they had filled up all available space, and if the doozers could not build, they would die.

The doozers had no purpose with their constructions all along! They just had to keep building, because that was their instinct. As soon as Mokey makes this discovery, she promptly calls all the fraggles in Fraggle Rock together to release them from their oath. The fraggles resume snacking on the doozer buildings soon thereafter, and everyone is happy.

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